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MEKOSTAR is the biggest discus breeder & exporter in VN. We are the leader and the expert in breeding & growing CLEAN & HEALTHY DISCUS from baby to big size by strictly controlling foods and water. We export tropical fresh water fish, wild river fish, and especially discus to Europe, including France, England, Spain, Austria; America (e.g. United States, Canada); and Asia (e.g. Korea, Singapore).

With over 10 year experience in packing discus, We are also one of the leader in packing discus at lowest DOA for long way shipment. We have so far  packed more than 5000 boxes of discus for export and at present capacity, we can supply 200 boxes of discus monthly.

Mekostar has more than 450 breeding pairs of discus, which can produce baby discus throughout the year. Our discus has perfect round body shape and oval standing shape. 

Mekostar screens our discus on: Health, Breed, Shape, Pattern, and Color.

Mekostar gives customer the best and most reliable source of discus. You are ascertained that our discus has good health, good shape, and is free of parasites and comes in reliable packing. We absolutely guarantee our discus do not carry BLACK DISCUS DISEASE.

If you are looking for discus, Mekostar is your best choice for safe and long term discus business.

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